Sunday, March 2, 2008

~~Live life to the fullest~~

A friend of mine just diagnosed with clogged blood in the brain. No special symptoms prior to the diagnosis. One day he just strucked with seizure, admitted to the hospital and the next minute...the doctor just told him he need a brain operation which will cost him USD100K. He is in his mid 20s, at the beginning of his career and adulthood. It is just the beginning of life...there are so much to do and so much to achieve in this golden age. Life can be so unpredictable at times. When thing seems to be smooth and good, one life storm can break us into pieces. After meeting up with him, the picture of "crying angel" keep appearing in my mind. ( crying angel is a picture of angel shedding tears, angel shouldn't cry isn't? unless he/she is really sad, right?) Feel very sorry for him. There is nothing much we can do for him except praying. (Father, every single one of us is your precious son and daughter, please deliver him from all the sicknesses and illnesses. Father, may you provide strenght and courage for him to face another day. We surrender him in your safety arms. We ask for complete healing in Your Name, AMEN)

This reminds me of my late father. Life come to an end when doctor pronounced that he was in his terminal stage of cancer. How fragile life can be sometimes. People like to hold tight to worldly thing without realizing that what we try to hold on to is not permanent. Nothing is permanent and within our full control. Sometimes we hold on to our wealth, our anger, our pride and miscellaneous things. We tend to making a big fuss over minor incidents. Come to think of it, it is actually pointless and worthless isn't?

Time to let go and let God to take full control of life. Even though we might not know what will happen tomorrow at least we know that Jesus is the one that holding our future. Time to live life to the fullest. There is no turning back in life. When is the last time you encourage/help people surround you? When is the last time you greet someone with a big bright smile? When is the last time you praise somebody? When is the last time you share someone's happiness and bitterness? When is the last time you say " I LOVE YOU" to someone that you really care? When is the last time you admit you fault and not arguing? The joy of following Christ is that He give us a free choice and will. We are still given the full control of our own decision. The difference is we are now become more aware of the consequences of our own act. We are in better position to differentiate what is right and wrong, what is godly and ungodly, what is obedience and disobedience. Father, I pray that you continue to open up the eyes of my heart. May You help me to understand and discern what is from You and what is not from You. Help me to make wise decision daily. May every single step of my life comprise of faith, love and hope. Amen

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