Thursday, March 20, 2008

~~Friendship is a blessing~~

We chose to take the step of faith together, we chose to step out of our comfort zone and soar together....A promise that made in hearts...
Ready, get set, take off....^.^

It seems that we all slim down together...but getting mature as time goes by...

Would like to dedicate today's blog to all my strat members =) STRAT stands for Sincere + Thanksgiving + Responsibility + Affinity + Tolerance?? *_<

God's grace, we have been here for 2 mths already. Can still remember vividly the first night we landed at Albany. We were welcomed by harsh environment but warm-hearted people. In this short period of time, we went through snow storm and sunny day together. To be exact, we stick through thick and thin. There are simply too many incidents that deeply imprinted in my heart. I don't like to bottle up my feeling because I really feel that if I never say it out, no one can read our minds and the other parties will not know how much we appreciate the friendship. Maybe this have to do with my personality - I am a sentimental person.

I might look "big" external but internal I am very "chicken-hearted". I used to ask them don't have to wait me after work if i happened to work late. Somehow inherit the Chinese culture, try to be polite and don't want to inconvenient others but will be full of joy if the other parties volunteer to do so. However, my view changed after i tried going back home alone once. The feeling is simply horrible especially when the night getting darker and darker with each passing minute! Every single step weights kilos. It is simply the joyous thing to be waited by somebody. I can never forget how heart warming it is to have them waiting for me after a long day of work. No words or pictures can describe their beautiful smiling faces. Simply beyond description! It is the thought that matters! The beauty of friendship is knowing and sensing each other needs even before the other parties put up a request.

With or without notice, we tend to pick up each other's favourite quotes. One day you will just realized that you sound and act like them. The funniest thing is your favourite quote might one day become the other parties' quote =D Sometimes we even come out with our own special language that only you and me know the real meaning behind. **lo-lo** Every little move/action is understandable by each others. To me, communication is not restricted by words, sometimes body languages can convey the message better. So long as whatever we say or do will not stumble others, everything is permissible and viable. (Father, may you grant me the sensitivity and discernment towards other people need. May You guard my heart, my mind and my words, may everything that spring from the bottom of my heart based on Your words alone. Father, give me a pure and sincere heart.)

To me, pure friendship is about putting others' interest first. Treat others like what you expect others to treat you. Give others a helping hand, spare others a listening ear, give others a lift/pat at the shoulder, carry each other burden...the list can go on and on. Those thoughts keep the friendship going on =) (This reminds me of 2 Corinthians 1:3 - Praise to be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God...when we received much blessings from the heaven above, we simply can't keep them to ourselves but to pass it on...This is the cycle and power of love, it never fails.)

When saying thank you is simply not enough to express my gratitude, I can only pray that God will preserve this pure friendship and may our heavenly Father keep them, protect them and be with them in every seasons of their lives. AMEN.

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