Saturday, March 8, 2008

~~Colorful Life~~

"Ok, time to embark on the journey of cake making!!!"

Basic ingredient with happy heart - cake mix, water/milk, eggs + my tender LOVE =D

Cake Mix's packing

Would like to dedicate this to STRAT program, tat's y i m here *_< (oh ya, not yet bake de o...)

Nice cake + pretty owner..=P

Day 1: 1st attempt ~~ like valcano ya

Day 2: 2nd attempt ~~ like a fountain

Day 2: 3rd attempt~~ Out of imagination!!!!


If you are asked to describe life as a thing, what will you equate life with? Honey (=sweet)? Bitter gourd (=Bitter)? Lemon (= sour)? Chili (spicy)? Hmmm…suddenly feel like life just like a piece of cake..=D

You must be curious why cake and not other thing?? All thanks to my creative and imaginative mind. One day when I woke up, suddenly feel like making a cake. I hardly attempt any cookies/cakes/dishes. But that day I just feel like making a cake that called COLORFUL LIFE. Without hesitation, I bought 2 packets of pre-mixed cake flour from Price Chopper. One is pound cake mix (USD2.19) while the other is lemon super moist cake mix (USD1.69). The process of making is really A PIECE OF CAKE!! n_n’’ simply HEAT, BEAT and BAKE. First heat the oven to 350 F, next beat cake mix, water, oil and eggs, then bake for 30 mins. Within an hour or so, a lovely cake is ready for served. You can choose the size and the shape of your pan, it can be round, rectangular, square or even a heart shape =P whichever that we think the best for the dough. I am so amazed by the end product! Little do I expect to get such a fragrance and nice cake from a mixture of flour, water/milk and eggs. The mixture looks relatively dull and unattractive.

This reminds me of Isaiah 64:8- Yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, You are the potter; we are all the work of Your hand. Jesus, the creator and all things knows what is best for every single of us. He will take away certain things and add in different flavor in life. His plan and will is perfect. Ultimately, He will file away/refine/purify all the “impurities” or “stain” in life in order to make a perfect pot. Initially the clay might feel very uncomfortable with the shaping and refining process. We just like the clay, whenever thing does not go according to our ways we will complaint and feel upset. Little do we know that without the storms and detours, we cannot be who we are today. We grow stronger and tougher with each passing day. Just like my 3rd cake (2 days made 3 cakes…my new found interest!!!) I actually arrange the slices of orange nicely and I purposely arrange STRAT wording…but guess what?? The end result is so unpredictable..à see photo =P. To me, this is the beauty of life. Things happen for a very good reason. Though we might not be able to see the beauty and wonder right away, so long as we place our full trust in God, His mighty hands will lead us home. He will see us through no matter thick or thin. His grace is sufficient indeed. PRAISE THE LORD ^.^

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