Wednesday, August 18, 2010

~~Do you really know?~~

马太福音 Matthew 5:37


But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.

But let your words be simply, Yes or No: and whatever is more than these is of the Evil One.
Bible is full of paradox, so as life. There is a very thin line between
... humility or low self-esteem;
... honesty or pride;
... complement or teasing;
... when to help that person or when to leave room of growth for that person;
... punishment out of love or withheld punishment because of love
... laughing with you or laughing at you;
... when to say no and when to say yes;
... and etc, just to name few.
Many times I am not firm enough to know by heart that
... Jesus loves me for who I am and not because of what I have done. Nothing that I have done can make Him loves me less or more
... Jesus first loves me and I ought to love others
... Jesus forgave my sins and I ought to do the same to others
... Jesus' love is unconditional and unchangeable, it remains the same today, yesterday and tomorrow
... Jesus is the ultimate judge of all circumstances
... Jesus is the best listener
... Jesus is the healer
... Jesus is the provider
... Jesus is the lover of my heart
... Jesus is my help in time of troubles
... Jesus is at work even though sometimes we might not see the outcome immediately
... Jesus does not show favouritism, I am not any better than others
... Jesus does not look at outward appearance but inward sincerity
... Jesus will never leave me or forsake me
... Jesus has a perfect plan for me
Sometimes I thought I really know but the truth is it is impossible for me to know...I thought
... Jesus wants me to do this
... Jesus wants me to accomplish that
... Jesus wants me to build "my" church....(the truth is all churches belong to Him)
... Jesus wants me to go that way
... I know Jesus' plan in my life
... it is His will but the truth is it is more of my own wishful will
Whisperig to Abba Father ( I sound like psalmist in the book of psalm...hahhahahha)
Father Lord, may You grant me consistency and persistency in prayer. May it big or small matters, help me oh Lord, help me to start everything by fervently and humbly asking Your opinion. Help me to be still, patient and wait upon You. Transform me to be Mary instead of Martha. I yearn to just sit under Your feet, fix my gaze on You and learn Your truth. Do not allow my heart to grow fade and my spirit to grow weary. Grant me joy and peace in walking in Your will. Enable me to do Your will. Grant me sensivity towards Your guidance and direction. Bestow greater wisdom and discernment in me for the expansion of Your Kingdom. Use me oh Lord, transform me to be Your instrument of Love. Help me to be more and more Christ-like. Make me salt and light of the world. Bless me abundantly so that I can extend the same blessing to the people surround me. Grant me greater endurance and discipline to perservere and stay faithful till the very end. Help me to be real and honest in front of You. Help me to see my worth and value in You. Set me apart from the bondage and enticement of the world. Help me to be pure. Send in more helpers and people to encourage me in this journey of faith. Allow me to feel Your warm embrace in my darkest hours. Help me to be who You want me to be.

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