Sunday, August 2, 2009

~~I can hear God's word in church 教会,一个可以听到神话语的地方~~

Two weeks ago I had this opportunity to talk to a Christ sister's that visit my church. She comes from ShangHai, China. She is doing a passing visit and will only stay at Singapore for about a month. She visits my church alone no matter rains or shines. She chose to go church to worship the Lord whole-heartedly though there is no one available to accompany her to the church. Come to think of it, if I am her, I might not be as keen as her especially when I am having my holidays. What a self-centred and shameful thought! Throughout the conversation, there is one sentence that deeply etched in my heart. Such sentence lingers around my mind for quite a while. She said " the only place that I can learn God's word is at the church." Though the sentence is short and sweet, it is also such a mind-boggling sentence. Such sentence reflects the importance of churches around the world to spread God's word and how we as the followers of God should have such a receptive attitude of yearning and longing for God's word. All the glory and honor belong to God, Amen.
前两个星期有机缘与一位来自中国上海的姐妹谈天。虽然她只会在新加坡逗留一个多月,在没有任何亲朋戚友的陪同下她独自一个人风雨不改的来到离家较近的教会赞美及歌颂主。 换作是我,我或许会稍微的松懈下来,说开了实在教我惭愧。 她说了一句让我久久不能忘怀,深为感动的一句话。 她说,“只有在教会才能听见神的话语。” 虽然只是那么简短的一句话,当中的含义却是多么值得我们去探讨。 这句话反映了教会在信徒心里举足轻重的地位及重要性。 同时这也是每个信徒该持有的态度,一心一意,全心全意地去聆听主的话语。 一切的荣耀,尊荣都应归于主,阿门。

It reminds me of Psalm 84:10
10 Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.
这不禁让我想起诗篇84:10 在你的院宅住一日,胜似在别处住千日;宁可在我神殿中看门,不愿住在恶人的帐棚里。

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