Wednesday, February 20, 2008

~~Speak to build or break??~~

Words are shaper than any double-edged sword in the world. Harsh words can pierce through the inner most of hearts and shatter one's pride to pieces. Time may pass but the words will deeply imprinted in one's heart. Sweet words have the same impact in one's life just that the thought of it will leave a smile in one's face. Everyday and everywhere words are needed for communication. Have you ever pause to evaluate or even think of what you have said? Does the wording purely pass on the message or does it in the midst of passsing on message hurt somebody? (Father, I pray that You will help me quick to listen and slow to speak so that I will be able to spread Your words effectively) I found my fren's advice mind boggling and interesting. She said " Always speak with a good purpose, speak to build and not break a person" How true it is. In fact, as God provides more opportunity to meet people from all walks of life this "theory" become more and more practical. You will be so amazed by the results simply by bearing this in mind. Take this as an example, instead of telling that person he/she is not doing a good job, why don't we say it this way - - "XXX, what you have done is good, but if you try to do it this wayl the end result will be perfect!! Thank you so much for the effort." It won't hurt to speak words that will help and build a person's character. Always nurture the seed with care and shower it with love, you will never know how many more seeds can be grow from this single seed that come across your life. Even though it is pretty impossible to change the whole world overnight but at least I can make a difference for this one that is on my palm. Bit by bit and step by step. Every single effort counts! Father, may You continue to make a deep work in my heart, change me through and through, help me to the the Fisher of men according to Your way and will. Father continue to help me farm more good seeds at whatever place that you want me to be. AMEN.

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