Monday, February 18, 2008

~~Only those pure in heart will see God~~

Went to MountainView Evangelical Free Church last sunday (17 Feb 08), though it is a relatively small congregation their faith is GREAT. Action says it all.

First, the Pastor Chad Hemphill is kind enough to arrange transportation for a strange like me. Without hesitation, he say ok to someone who call early in the morning to ask for transportation to his church. God's love transcends everything. God's love marches forwards and it shines through every corners. It reminds me of the la...something like when God's light is around, darkness will try to true it is!! Nothing can steal God's limelight...It is much more brighter than the finest diamonds and stars on the sky ^.^

I was greeted by this nice couple who volunteer to fetch me to church. The church is of opposite direction of my company. The scenery at the other end of the road is indeed full of surprises and wonders. It reminds me of how we should step out of our comfort zone once in a while to taste and experience different seasons of life. You will never know what wonderful scenery that is ahead of us unless we take the step of faith. Wild deers along the road side add vitality and colour to that every morning.

Once I stepped in the church, the sense of inner peace is beyond description. Simple and sweet. The structure of the church is simple yet sufficient. The people there are few but sincere. The infrastructure is not high tech but neat. When I see the little kid that in charge of the OHP's slides, tears kept scrolling down my cheeks. Young and old, black and white come together just to worship one great God, which is JESUS CHRIST. What a beautiful picture! The wordings at the handout is relatively simple yet it pierce through the inner most of my heart. The gentle reminder at the second page leave an impact in my heart. This is written - " Please prepare your hearts and minds for worship by meditating upon the Word of God and inviting the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth of Chrit to you" How humble the writer is!! How many of us actually come to church with such an attitude in mind? More often than not, going to church has become a daily rountine. Sometimes even though we are there physically, our minds are preoccupied with cares of the world. Our thoughts always run wild unknowingly. (Father, I pray that you give me a light heart, crave and hide your Words in my heart. May Your will be my will)

Pastor Chad kind of sum up my thought that morning by posting this question - - What does it mean to follow Christ? (Romans 6:1-14) What a coincidence??!! perhaps, great minds think alike...whahahhahaha....God always speak to those whose hearts are open and willing to listen to Him i guess...We are simply too busy and want to take ownership of our lives. God never stop whispering to everyone, but we stop listening to Him. God's love is the same for all, the difference is how much do you allow God to love you?

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