Sunday, February 17, 2008

Prayer of Dedication

After years of studying n working, I finally find time to pen some thoughts to my personal Saviour, Jesus Christ. Tis is an expression of my love to Him. May the presence of Holy Spirit guide me and lead me in tis journey of sharing and experiencing God.

Would like to start up tis little space tat would be able to be called my BLOG wif Prayer of Dedication~~~ a powerful prayer!!!

Lord, Jesus,
I give my hands to do Your work.
I give You my feet to go Your way.
I give You my eyes to see as You do.
I give You my tougue to speak Your words.
I give You my mind that You may think in me.
I give You my spirit that You may pray in me.
Above all I give You my heart that You may love in me.
I give You my whole self that You may grow in me, so

that it is You, Jesus Christ, who live and work and pray
in me. Amen.

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