Sunday, June 14, 2009

~~Faith, Hope and Love~~

Decoration on the wall ~~ Butterfly. Helen say she hope I will be ever growing, ever changing, ever becoming a more true and beautiful me in God's perfect timing. I nodding with tearful eyes....
Without God's compelling love, who has the ability to prepare such an out of the world meal? Today I have a happy stomach!! ~.~''
"I will miss everyone in Mountainview Evangelical Free Church too!!! Meet you all in prayer in future ya ^.^"
A wonderful handmade quilt by Jane. I love the little Agnes that surrounded by FAITH, HOPE and LOVE. Jane, thank you for giving me such a beautiful wing (it reminds me of the butterflies that putting up by Helen, another divine connection?...) Praise the Lord for such a patience and love to bind this together...
Another shot of the quilt...Little Agnes reading bible DAILY (my little promise to God), yeah!!~~ I got to press on from now on!!~~ =D
I love the verse very much ~ With God all things are possible.....
A little promise (faith, hope and love) that I love to carry and wear today, tomorrow and in future =)
Just now Pastor Chad gave me a farewell party with the wonderful help and coordination of Kent and Helen Aldous. Those are the names that I never want to forget *sob sob*

Believe it or not, they (different wonderful givers) gave me the presents bearing these 3 same important words - faith, hope and love. They did not discuss or plan it before hand! It is simply a wonderful and beautiful divine connection! I leap with joy when I open the present one by one, see the same powerful words appear over and over again in this season of my life. God is in fact try to encourage me to live a life of faith, hope and love. I strongly believed that =)
Oh Lord, thank you for pouring so much kindness in my life. I would love to share with all of you some of the kindness thoughts that God has placed in my mind right now:
A little kindness that seems to be insignificant and unimportant to us might have the power to overturn a life and death situation on the other parties. A timely encouraging words might change the suicidal thought that mingle in someone's mind. An opportune advice might stop the abortion from taking place. A heart-warming greeting might momentary ease the pain of the cancer patient. An outstretched and open arm might bring the go astray son/daughter back home. A small treat might fill the stomach that starve for days. There is no kindness that is too small to leave an impact in God's hand. More often than not, it is those add up small favor/offer that leave long and lasting impact in someone else life. Our God is an able God. He is able to multiply such a beautiful seed thousands and millions times. Most importantly, people will come to know God in His perfect timing.

Photos on that day:

Whispering to Abba, Father:

Father, I pray that You will continue to help me lead a life concentrate and saturate with faith, hope and love. I pray that the overflowing of joy knowing You will continue to spill over to whoever that comes across my life. When they see me, they will feel your manifest presence in my life. Father, I might not be the most beautiful, most perfect and the best among your daughters and sons but I promise I will give my very best in return of Your great love that You have poured out in my life. Father, I pray that You continue to bestow mountain-move and child-like faith in me. I long to be like David and the little child that only have five loaves and two fishes who chose to give it all everything that they have to glorify and honor You. Today once again I am overwhelmed by Your great love demonstrated by the people that love You. It is Your compelling love that propels and enables us to love each others with the same magnitude of love You have given us. God is love indeed. No wonder Jesus has the ability and will to obey You till the point of death. It is the same kind of surpassing love and overflowing blessings that make Paul considers everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus our Lord. In fact, what was glorious has no glory in comparison with the surpassing glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.... "every knee will bow and every tongue will confess you are the Lord.." Let this wonderful song continue to play lively in my life, oh Lord. I love You. MORE You and less me; INCREASE You and humble me. That's all I ask for. Amen

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