Thursday, December 25, 2008

~~Christmas prayer~~

Time flies... I still remembered a couple of weeks ago, me and my friends still enjoying the scenery along a lake fringed with the autumnal beauty of maple, oak, and birch. Right now I found myself totally embraced by the flawless and spotless snow white snow. Before I come to US, it never come across my mind how other people at the other side of the globe live their lives. To me,those white chritmas and flowery foliage only appear in the movie and photoshop editted postcard and wallpapers. (Oh Father, how can I thank you enough to uproot me to a place where I can have a brand new scenery and perspective in life. Thank you for breathing in new life and hope in me... Thank you for making me feel worthy for You say I am worthy... Thank you for being my heaven Father and thank you for giving me such a priviledge to come face to face with You in all situations, calling You "Abba Father". Without You, I am still the innocent girl who is way too caught up in my own tiny little worldly world. I seem to have thousand and one thing to worry about and to make myself busy. Ironically, the more busy I am, the more engaged I am in activities which is not related to You, the more my window about life shrinks. Thank you Lord for revealing Yourself to me, thank you Lord for opening up the eye of my heart and above all thank you for accepting me as Your lost and found child.) It is the exact amazement I have when I first witness my first autum foliage here... I always find myself standing in awe and speechless in front of God's marvelous creation... Not a little too much, not a little too less, it is just enough.. just the right amount to make the whole universe shine with Your glory and heavenly sparkle. Who has such a great mind to dress the wild cherries along the road with transparent ice coat? Who has such a wisdom to add a little icing (white snow) on top of each Christmas tree? Who has such an intelligence mind to pave the road with diamond-like carpet? (if you take a good look at the snow carpetted road, you will realize that the crystal form of snow actually reflects light... it looks like millions of shinning diamonds in the dark ^.^... Girl's imagination~~ God's gift to us... =>) Natural beauty which no artist can portray and no photographer can fully capture.

Finally, I have my first white Christmas here... Not fake snow but real icy cool snow... It is finer than the hand made ice kacang, more white than the artificial white... In this special white Christmas, I wonder what can I give Him who creates heaven and earth... who already owns everything... He gently whispers" Give me your heart"... Oh Lord Father, may You continue to reside in my heart, may You continue to make me to be who You want me to be... In front of You, I can only humbly bow down in adoration. Father, help me to continue to love You with all my heart, my mind and my soul. Deep in my heart I know that You are the light, the way and the truth of life. Though sometimes I may tend to stray away, You bring me back to Your safety net. Though I may stumble, You hold me tight from falling. Though I may slip, You have me in Your palm. Though I may falter, You shelter me in Your wing.

I received an encouragement note from 1 of my friends recently. I knew it is You who places her in my life, who uses Your special way to help me discover the purpose of living in my life.

" In this busy world of ours, some people have a gift for taking time to listen and to care, for making others feel real good and giving hearts a lift... for bringing their own sunshine everywhere. It is really comforting to know there are people like you who are never too busy to make this world of ours a warmer, nicer place. Thanks for all you do, and all you are!"

Amen!!!! Father, I pray that You continue to make me a blessing to everyone surrounds me , a sunshine in gloomy days, a people builder, a hearts lifter, a burden carryer... I pray this in Your strong name. Amen

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