Sunday, April 26, 2009

~~God's rainbow~~

Where we fill our stomaches....apart from good food there is good companionship, Praise the Lord!!~~
Flowers that greeted me along the way....

God's rainbow is only a prayer away....

Have been up all day long in this special day... Yes, it is my birthday!!~~~ another year older, another year wiser? (**hope so**) =D I am extremely surprise to find out that my Pastor's birthday is actually 27 Apr (1 day after mine) while Helen's (a super duper nice british woman who takes care of most of my need here) birthday is on 22 Apr... what a wonderful coincident isn't?

Psalm 118:24 - this is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Today means a lot to me. Instead of hoping for those regular celebration (whole bunch of friends sing birthday song, make wish, blow candle and have the first cut at the cake and etc), this year I somehow long for spending time with Father. I long for intimate walk with Him so badly recently. It symbolizes my dedication and my longing to follow Him despite the dry season I experienced lately. A single touch or a gentle pat from Him goes a long way for me.

Lord, listen to your children

"Lord, listen to your children praying,

Lord, send your Spirit in this place.

Lord, listen to your children praying, send us love, send us power, send us grace!"

When we bow our heads and bend our knees in prayer, God is listening! He is listening!!~~

I started off my day with prayers and blessings from my church's friends. After the service, I took a nice afternoon walk around the neighbourhood. Today's weather is awesome and sunny!!! Took few pictures of the flowers and unknown plants that greeted me throughout the stroll. Despite the different soil and environment they are in, they give their very best looks in this wonderful sunny day. It reminds me on how I should overlook my iniquities and imperfection, and live my life to the fullest each and every day. It took me few awful weeks to learn and allow this truth to sink deeply in my heart. Legalism can very subtle sometimes, it sets unnecessary boundary and bondage in daily life. Recently I tend to think and try my very best to be perfect in all ways in order to gain God's favor and approval. The truth is no matter what we do, good or bad, it will not affect our standing before God. God in his great love, sent His one and only son to die for us on the cross. He crowns us with God's righteousness which comes through faith in Jesus Christ. What a refreshing and good reminder in this special day! We should take conscience effort to prevent legalism from taking root in our lives. It has the power to suffocate and choke our lives if we did not pay attention to it. I am really glad to find out and bring to appreciation how these little imperfections in life has the power to light up and spice up my days! It depends mostly on how you look at imperfection. Ultimately it is also these flaws in lives that allow us to draw closer to God. It is only in the darkest hours that His glory will be the brightest. When we are weak, He is strong; when we are poor, He is rich! What a beautiful paradox in life =) I truly thank God for such a valuable and wonderful relevation in my life, amen!

When evening draws near, Kent and Helen (with the company of Winnie) took me out for dinner. God is faithful yesterday, today and tomorrow. He never cease to provide and meet all my daily need. In fact, he provides abundantly in my life! He continues to pour out His blessings by providing good samaritans along my way. Kent and Helen are definitely one of His blessings to me =) On our way to dinner, God in His grace and mercy colors our journey with a beautiful rainbow. Again, there is no such a coincident except it is divine appointment. Right before we board the car, He send rain amidst the sunshine. There is no sign of rain and it is highly unlikely to rain in 80 fahrenheit . Yet, it rains! What a timely shower from heaven!! It reminds me of Genesis, where God created the heavens and earth. Even now He still reigns. When He said "let there be light," there was light. There is power in His word and He has the final say in all circumstances in life. It is heartening to learn that He is in full control amidst everything that happens, good or bad, God gives and God takes away. (Father, I pray that You will continue to fill my heart with peace in heart, mind and soul which transcends all understanding. Help me to trust You for You are more than sufficient. Help me to seek Your kingdom first, help me to prioritize and centralize my life in You and You alone. Thank you for loved me first while I am still a sinner. I love You oh Lord. Who are we there that You are so mindful of? I can only bow down in adoration)

Father, You know how important this rainbow to me in this season of my life. You know it symbolizes more than Your promises but Your great love to me. You knowsthat I long for Your love, care and touch in my life. You know that I have been waiting for You all day long. You know that it will help to strengthen and build up my faith on You. You know that I need You. You know my struggling in following You. You know my fear, my iniquities and my transgressions. You know no matter how firm and strong one can, the next minute he/she can slip to the bottom of the pit. You know a timely encouraging has the power to transform one's life. I thank God for everything and in everything. I love You Abba Father. I know that You will continue to make me to be who You want me to be. I surrender my whole self to You. Help me to overlook those discomfort/old self that resist good changes. I want to follow You. You called and promised 2ooo year ago to willing hearts, You said "come, and I will make you fishers of men." Heaven and earth may fall apart but Your promises stand. I know You will water, fertilize and nurture this little dream of mine, and in due time it will come to pass. Meanwhile, may You continue to help me run this race with full confident. Help me to stay faithful till the very end. This is my way of returning Your great love. Amen.

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